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Our experienced dietitian provides nutrition care and advice that is practical, personalised

and based on current scientific evidence, to help patients improve their health and reduce their disease risks. Practical dietary solutions are customised to meet the individual's specific

nutritional and lifestyle needs.

Contact information:


+607 2243888

We provide services, including:

Nutrition support for patients who cannot meet their nutritional needs through a normal diet.

(eg. tube feeding, parenteral nutrition)

Nutritional assessment and care planning.

Nutritional education and counselling for patients and caregivers on personalised diets

based on the patient's medical condition. Medical conditions can include:

- Cancer

- Diabetes mellitus

- Eating disorders

- Food allergy

- Gout

- Gastrointestinal disorders

If you would like to consult our Dietitian, please talk to your General Practitioner

or Consultant about getting a referral and call to make an appointment with

our dietician.


- Heart disease and high blood pressure

- Kidney disease (chronic kidney disease,

kidney failure requiring dialysis)

- Malnutrition (lacking nutrition)

- Failure to thrive (not enough weight gain)

- Obesity (weight management)

Nutrition & Dietetics

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